boston whaler reliability

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We rent the Boston Whaler for its reliability and ease of use. This small powerboat is perfect for seeing the sights with your family, or for going ashore for a mid-day picnic lunch and swim on a nearby island. Before you set foot on board, each rental boat undergoes a thorough safety, maintenance and operation checkup. U.S. Coast Guard equipment is on all rentals so you can cruise with confidence.

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We rent by the week (5 to 7 day period, Saturday - Friday). Daily rentals are only available if the boats are not reserved for the week.

The Sights


An island to explore just a short distance away is Calderwood Island. Activities at Calderwood Island include picnicing, hiking, fishing, clamming, and berry picking. .  Babbidge Island is roughly 70 acres standing sentry at the east end of the Fox Island Thoroughfare.   Part of the fascination of this place is its past as a home for several families over an approximately 80-year period during the 19th century.  Stones walls, a cellar hole, a dug well and a wagon trail further the mystery of settlement on this rocky island in the middle of Penobscot Bay.