Here is an overview of the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered in this section, just let us know by e-mailing us at and we will answer it and if it is relevant, also add it to this FAQ section.

Q: Is it safe for a novice to take a boat out?

A: Boston Whalers are simple to start and operate.  The boats are designed to be easy to control and there are very few elements to worry about.  We’ll give you instructions on how to use the boats when you check it out and you’ll find additional boat safety information at:

Q: Do we have enough gas? How will we know if we are running low? 

A: Your boat will have two portable gas cans on board and both will be full of gas at the beginning of your rental.   This gas capacity is large for the size of the motors and refueling is usually only necessary after several days on the water.  When one gas can runs empty, switch to the second can then refuel the first when you get back to the dock.

Q: Are there docks to tie up to on all the islands? 

A: Some of the Islands have dockage and some do not.  All towns have public docks, not always as well marked as the "private" docks, but they are there for your use. Docks are like parking lots, every waterfront business has one. The docks with a prominent private sign and only one boat tied to it are the ones to avoid. You'll see which docks are getting the traffic.

Q: Is there insurance that I can purchase for the boat in lieu of a damage deposit? 

A: North Haven Whaler Rentals offers no insurance for damage to the machines. You may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy; however we will still need a security deposit at the time of the rental.


  • The boats are picked-up and dropped off on North Haven at the Casino Wharf.  Vinalhaven rentals are picked-up and dropped off at the Town Float.
  • Please have driver's license ready and your credit card or cash for your damage deposit.
  • We will be orienting you with the boat at this time.
  • Complete, sign, and return the rental agreement.
  • Inspect the boat one last time; you are responsible for any damage incurred while renting the watercraft.


  • Return all items used for the trip. This includes the boat, life jackets, key and lanyard, any and all safety equipment. You are responsible for lost items and will be charged accordingly.
  • Report any problems encountered or damage that occurred while the boat was in your possession.
  • Review the boat with the North Haven Whaler Rentals representative. Final signoff on damage report will happen at this time. Keep this report, it will protect you should any damage claims be made against you.


  • Pay attention to all traffic on the water. As these boats will be the most maneuverable on the water, it will be your responsibility to yield the right of way to all other watercraft.
  • Boats should not be running if there is anyone in the water in the immediate vicinity! Severe injury can occur in a very short time.
  • Generally, the "rules of the road" on the water is similar to those on land. Oncoming traffic should be passed on the right, do not cut across another boats bow. When passing traffic going in the same direction, pass to the left, leaving as much space as possible between watercraft.
  • When leaving the boat unattended (beaching the watercraft at your favorite sandbar, for example), remove the key and lanyard from the boat and keep it with you. You will be responsible for lost or stolen boat while in your possession.
  • Anchoring or mooring of the boat is the responsibility of the renter. Damage can occur from the craft rubbing against another boat or a dock, shallow water or shore.